A possible move

This years is certainly not wanting me to stand still. With my work taking me to Paris two weeks a month and my own writing projects shifting, now we might also be moving apartments. We’ve been in our apartment for the last four years and really had no need to move until now. The piazza below our place (which is usually a parking lot) began to be transformed this morning at 7am. Instead of a handful of cars passing through, the piazza will become a major street for those coming from the lungarno or via dei Leoni/via Proncosolo.

Many changes in the city have been taking place to make some of the streets pedestrian. It all sounded great in theory, but the burden is being placed on other (previously quieter) streets.

What odd about our potential move is that when I returned to Florence last week, I felt a desire to change apartments and possibly areas. I just felt where we are living isn’t as pleasing as it was before. I realize that I hand’t been noticing the changes in Florence much this year because of all my travels. And, of course, now that I’m back tourist season is in full swing and overwhelmed me a bit this week.

The entire piazza was repainted today, but the real change won’t take place until Wednesday night. Many streets will change direction and the flow of traffic will seem awkward at first, but people will adapt quickly as they always seem to do.

My marito (husband) and I have been looking on-line for a new apartment, but I welcome the change. I will miss seeing the Arno every day, but I am hoping to be a little closer to nature. Although I can't imagine myself leaving the city walls, smelling trees from my windows would be a dream.

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