A stroll along the Arno

With the sun setting in the clear sky this evening, I decided to walk along the Arno from Ponte Santa Trinita toward Ponte alle Grazie. I hadnít strolled along the Arno since I returned to Florence a few days ago. I have only walked through town to buy fruits and vegetables at the ortolano (green grocer) behind via Calzaiuoli because the one close to our apartment is closed. I havenít had that much free time to delight in my beloved city.

Living in Florence :: A stroll along the Arno

After grabbing a drink with a friend after work, I walked from Piazza Santa Maria Novella to the lungarno (street alongside the Arno) before heading home. I brought my macchina fotografica (camera) and was hoping something would inspire me tonight.

Many people were sitting on the Ponte Santa Trinita taking photos and watching the sun set. I wanted to sit on the ponte (bridge), but I prefer to do so when there are fewer people around.

I continued down the lungarno and turned around when I reached Lungarno di Anna Maria Luisa deí Medici to look at the Ponte Vecchio. I loved how the sun was glowing right behind it, so I took a photo. While I was taking the picture, a large crowd of tourists surrounded me. I didnít have the luxury to just admire the view, so I headed home.

I walked to our piazza and wanted to go to the Ponte alle Grazie, but the sun was too high to take a photo. I wouldíve had to wait an hour before the sun would set. I enjoyed my stroll along the lungarno and was happy with my photo of the Ponte Vecchio, which looks so serene. I hope to have more time this weekend to admire my beloved city and to take a few more photos.

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