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When I arrived back in Florence on Monday night, a large orange moon hung in the sky. As we drove from the airport to the city, I couldnít keep my eyes off of it. Even though I enjoyed my time in Paris these last two weeks, I was happy to be back in my beloved city. The best part of my trip was that a girlfriend came for a few days and then my marito (husband) and another couple came at the end of my trip. I was happy to do a few tourist things with them because normally I do them alone when I have some free time. Itís wonderful to enjoy a city, but to share it is a joy.

Yesterday after dinner, my marito and I walked to our favorite gelateria (ice cream shop). Instead of walking back home with our gelati (ice creams), we walked down Borgo degli Albizi to via Calzaiuoli because I wanted to see the Duomo. It is one of my favorite monuments to see at night. I love how its white marble facciata (faÁade) glows with the dark sky looming behind and above it.

The Duomo was the first monument I saw when I arrived in Florence the first time. I remember sitting in the back of the taxi looking up at it from the street as we headed toward it and then away from it. I remember how impressed I was by its beauty. I had never seen a church like it before.

After we finished our gelati, we headed down via Calzaiuoli toward Piazza della Signoria. I love peering up at the Palazzo Vecchio as I walk through the piazza. I have alway found it impressive, but since I was able to go up the torre (tower), I love it even more.

I relish in the warm air that we have in Florence in the summertime even after the sun has set. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but this evening it was perfect. I didnít walk too close to the buildings, but I could still feel the heat from them as I passed by.

When we got home, I glanced at the Arno and out to the other side of the fiume (river). I always feel like I can cup my beloved city in my hands and hold it. I feel my relationship with Florence is intimate, while the one I have with Paris is anonymous.

Every time I return after to my beloved city, I am even more convinced at how much Florence feels like home. Itís as if my heart beats along with the pulse of the city. I can be happy anywhere, but I am happiest in Florence.

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