Running around the Eiffel Tower

My routine while I have been in Paris these past two weeks has been to run around the Eiffel Tower. The sun rose early each day before I did and by the time was at the Champs de Mars running down the tree-covered allées, they were well lit. The first week I was in Paris, there were about ten to twenty people running. This last week, there were only a handful of us.

Since I’ve been coming to Paris, one of my dreams has been to run around the Eiffel Tower. I keep staying near it so that I could run around it, but then never went or ran around the Invalides instead. I finally realized my dream this trip, and almost every day, even if it was raining, I’d walk down the street and run in the Champs de Mars. The first day was probably the best because I almost couldn’t believe that I was really running around it.

I loved how the mornings were so quiet in the Champs de Mars; I didn’t realize how busy it got until I visited it one evening. I had no idea how many people flocked to the Champs de Mars to sit on the grass to eat and drink while admiring the Eiffel Tower. I was overwhelmed that so many people were there since I have never seen more than 20 in the morning.

After my run, I stretch out on the grass. I love to look around, but mostly I love just looking up at the Eiffel Tower. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to run around it every day and admire it so closely. I always choose the area near the Eiffel Tower and on my next trip to Paris, I am planning to run around it again in the morning.

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