Admiring the season changing

One thing I love about Florence is the change of seasons. Being originally from California where the change is usually warm or cool with a month of rain, I never knew that the change of seasons could be so lovely. I had read about the different seasons, saw pictures of them, but never really experienced them growing up. Out of all the seasons, my two favorite ones are the more active ones: spring and fall. There is something magical about watching nature either expand or contract.

On my walk up to the Piazzale Michelangiolo, I was enchanted with the large trees along the viale (large avenue). Many of their green leaves had turned yellow, orange, red, rust, and brown. I was mesmerized by the large yellow leaves that were on the trees because they lit up the path.

I brought my iPhone with me so I could capture a typical autumn scene along my walk. Not only did I want to share the view, but I also wanted to have a small ricordo (reminder) for myself. In the picture, there weren’t any cars passing by, which really allowed me to focus on the tree and the yellow leaves. The specks of yellow in the background are leaves falling.

Yesterday was the most perfect autumn morning in Florence: a cool wind brushing against my face, the leaves slowly tumbling off the trees and landing under my feet, and the sun trying its best to warm up the city. I love the change of seasons: each one brings such delightful gifts.

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