A sunny Christmas morning

Christmas morning in Florence is a dream. The sun had been up at least an hour before me and the city was already glowing against the light blue sky. The streets were was quiet with not a single car or motorino passing by. I could hear church bells ringing in the distance and birds chirping as they flew overhead. I only saw a couple of people strolling down the lungarno when I looked out of our windows.

Because the temperatures were much milder today, I couldn’t wait to go for a run. I headed down the lungarno toward Le Cascine. On my way out of town, I only passed a few people, mostly concentrated around the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio.

The sun warmed up the city quickly. It was fabulous to have the sun shine so brightly after the grey and rainy day we had yesterday.

When I ran back into the city, people were strolling the streets, taking photos, and enjoying one of the warmest and sunniest Christmas morning we’ve had in years.

This entire last week it has been quite chilly and grey. The sun showed up a few times, but nothing like this morning. Later today, I’m hoping to walk around town to enjoy the city. With all the shops closed today and tomorrow, the city takes a well needed break and gets to relax.

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