Enjoying the sunrise

On the second to the last day of the year, I sprung from bed at 6:30am and headed straight to the window of our apartment. Nothing startled me awake, but I felt a strong desire to watch the sun rise. To the West, the sky was a dark blue almost black and to the East, just above the rooftops of the neighboring buildings, the sky was a lighter blue. A few dark clouds hung in the sky outlined in a lighter grey. The Arno was a glossy black with white cones of light reflected from the street lamps. As I gazed at the sky from East to West, I noticed how it was slowly becoming an even split between light and dark.

Twice a day, the sky is split in two: when the sun rises and when it sets. I tend to see the sun set more often than I see it rise. I usually get up, get ready for my day, and donít peer much out the window except to see the Arno and the piazza below. I seem to pay more attention to what ends than to what begins. And maybe that will be my resolution for the new year. To not only celebrate what comes to an end, but to also celebrate what begins without knowing what will happen.

When I watched the sun rise this morning, it filled me not only with joy, but with hope. The hope of a new day, a new beginning, and a new chance to find more happiness. That hope increased as I watched the sky became lighter and lighter this morning.

Sunsets seem more dramatic to me with the warm, and sometimes vibrant, colors streaking the sky, but they mark the end of the day. Itís a time when I reflect on what I accomplished or didnít accomplish. Itís a time to unwind before going to rest and facing another day.

The sunrise, on the other hand, taps me on the shoulder and tells me that I have an entire day ahead of me to do with what Iíd like. Each day is like a gift delivered to my doorstep every morning.

For the new year that begins on Sunday, I will make it a point to watch the sun rise more often. I plan to focus more on the hope of achieving my goals instead of thinking about all those left undone. For me, 2012 is about focusing on my objectives, hoping more, and allowing life to deliver to me more abundance, joy, and love. Happiness isnít just about achieving my goals, itís about enjoying each day, watching it unfold, and appreciating my little piece of the world.

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