Evening strolls

I missed my first sunset on Saturday, so Sunday evening when I saw the sky darken I ran outside with my macchina fotografica (camera). I headed toward the sun that was quickly disappearing. I wasnít sure where I wanted to stop to take some photos, but snapped a few along the way. Iím sure Iíve taken multiple photos of the same sights, but each time they seem different to me. At different times of the day and in different lighting, the city is transformed.

Living in Florence :: Evening strolls

I passed the Ponte Vecchio and walked along the narrow sidewalk. When I reached Ponte Santa Trinita, I was struck by the sight of the buildings on the other side. The water in the Arno was so still, it reflected the buildings almost flawlessly. I couldnít help but smile when I saw the top of Santo Spirito church peeking from behind the buildings in the background. The sight that touched me the most is the one in the photo included here.

I continued walking along the Arno toward Ponte alla Carraia and then headed into town before the shops closed. I hadnít walked around town since I returned from Paris, and enjoyed each step. It was a pleasure to walk down the busy streets and see the Duomo lit up against the dark sky.

With little time to walk around during the day, I have been going out for strolls at night. I used to rarely take photos at night, but Iím slowly realizing that Florenceís charm is beautiful no matter what time of day or night.

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