Contrast of colors

This morning when I woke up, I was happy to look out the window to see bright blue skies, the jade-colored Arno, the yellow, white, and orange buildings across the river, the leafy trees, and the patches of green grass on the hillside. I returned from Paris last night where Id been for two weeks. In the winter, Paris can be a little bleak. The contrast of colors between the two cities is great.

The two dominant colors in Paris this time of year are brown and grey. The sky, the streets, and the rooftops are all grey while the bare trees in the parks and lining the Seine are all brown. Fortunately, the Christmas lights are still up and signs in shop windows announcing sales are bright and colorful. Of course, the Eiffel Tower still sparkles on and off all evening long.

The only time I was able to enjoy the sunlight in Paris was on the weekend. During the week, I was running around the Champ de Mars while it was still dark and left the office well after sunset. Fortunately, during my long run on Sunday along the Seine, I was able to feel the the sun on my face a little bit.

I enjoy Paris no matter the season, but I am definitely looking forward to the spring when the city is in full bloom. Even though its a few months away, I do enjoy the days that are being stretched in both directions to give us more daylight.

What I love about Florence is all the colors. Not just the yellow, white, and orange paint on the buildings, but also the bright blue sky, the green leaves on the trees, and the ever-changing colors in the Arno. I couldve stood at my window for hours appreciating the colors, but instead I walked around and looked at them up close.

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