A little snow and a lot of cold

With temperatures hovering around 0°C, this morning I headed out for a run along the Arno. Last night it snowed in Florence. Tiny snowflakes aimlessly darted around the sky, lightly touched the ground, and disappeared. At times, the city looked like it was in a snow globe. I tried to take a few pictures, but the snow looked more like rain falling.

When I woke up earlier, I looked out the window to see if any snow was left behind, and saw that there was a light layer. On the low hill across from us at the Giardino Bardini, the grass was covered with snow. A few rooftops had some as well, but I could still see the terra cotta color so I knew it wasn’t much.

I headed out toward Ponte Vecchio were the streets were slick, but had no snow on them. The air was chilly and at times glacial when the wind picked up. It wasn’t until Ponte Vespucci that I saw some snow turned to ice on the sidewalk and low wall above the Arno. I had to slow down at times because I could feel myself slipping just a little bit.

The sky was still that misty grey that always looks like it’s about to snow, but it didn’t. Eventually the sun came out in the late afternoon and melted what little snow we had. The sun didn’t warm up the city much and when it set, the temperatures dropped again.

The weather forecasts more snow and colder temperatures. It’s definitely a time to slow down, stay in, and keep warm.

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