Inhaling Florence

After working in Paris at the beginning of February and going on vacation at the end of February, I spent only six days in Florence last month. I enjoyed my time away, but I am so happy to be back in Florence. The first thing I did when I arrived was take in a deep breath. I missed the smell of the city most of all. I could always see pictures of the city, imagine myself walking the streets, but I couldnít reproduce its smell. I canít describe it exactly because it is a mix of odors that is certainly unique to Florence.

What surprised me the most when I was in Antigua was that it didnít have much of a smell at all. I know that Paris too has its scent, and could probably recognize it with my eyes closed. But Florence has a unique scent that I wish I could bottle up and take with me. Itís what quickly brings me back to the love I have for my city and allows me to relax into its embrace.

Iím certain that the scent of the city is subjective. Some may not like it or even notice it, but when you leave and come back, you canít help but take note.

This morning, I stood at the open window to look out at the murky water in the Arno, the light grey sky, and the pastel-colored buildings across the river. I watched a few cars and motorini (scooters) pass through the piazza below and smiled. I missed not only the city as it appears, but also as it exists: constantly in movement and relatively busy.

I hope to spend part of my day today, walking the streets, deeply inhaling my city and enjoying it as much as possible.

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