A week of rain

I was looking forward to Pasqua (Easter) in Florence with my family last Sunday. I was hoping to see the scoppio del carro (explosion of the cart), but I ended up not going. At 10am right when I was about to leave the house, the rain began to fall. Not a light sprinkle, but a downpour. I was disappointed to miss such a special and unique event, but hopefully next year I can attend.

On Wednesday, I went to the stadio (stadium) to see the Fiorentina play. Since Iím rarely in Florence when we have games or leave on the Sunday when we do, I couldnít wait to go. It rained all day,, but I was determined to go anyway. A friend of mine took me on her motoring (scooter) and fortunately not a drop of water fell from the sky during the entire partita (match).

When we had a week of warm weather before I left for Paris at the end of March, I thought that our temperatures would be warming up. Instead, the temperatures have decreased and it has begun to rain (which we so desperately need).

Today, I ran the mezza maratona (half-marathon) in Florence. On Thursday, I didnít think I would run it and yesterday it rained all day and night. This morning, even though it was raining, I decided to run it anyway. If we get wet, we get wet.

While standing at the linea di partenza (starting line) at 9am, it stopped sprinkling. We were fortunate to have cool weather during the gara (race). but it did rain for a few minutes at one point. At the end of the mezza maratona, the sun came out a little bit and the rain did not return for the rest of the day.

Iíve had a busy week since my return. Time flies when I am home in Florence. I fill my time with so many things that it seems to go by even quicker.

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