Running west

At the end of the Ponte Grazie, I decided to head west away from the sun rising above the city and toward the moon that was on its way out of sight. The weather is typical for autumn: cool air and cloudy skies. It is definitely my favorite time of year when so much is happening and changing. Nothing is stagnant and itís evident all around me.

I ran along Via deí Bardi and then to Borgo San Jacopo before heading up to Ponte Santa Trinita where I crossed it and continued along the uneven stone sidewalk. A few tourists and locals were walking toward me and they had to make way to let me pass by.

In this direction, I enjoy seeing the Arno to my right and heading away from the centro storico (historical center). Once I cross Ponte della Vittoria, I look down the Arno toward town and see the torre (tower) of the Palazzo Vecchio. The sun was above the clouds and shining brightly on me. I turned back down a walkway in a garden above the Arno and then ran down Via della Fonderia. At Ponte Vespucci, I crossed the river. Itís my favorite spot because I like to see the water flowing down the low embankment like a waterfall.

The sidewalk on this side of the Arno is larger and less uneven. Iím able to look around me more and take in the city.

At the Ponte Vecchio, I make a sharp turn and cross it. In the morning, it is lovely because there arenít many people and I can look at the shop windows being set up by the commesse (saleswomen).

I run back down Via deí Bardi to end my run at the Ponte alle Grazie. While I stretch out at the small garden in front of the chiesa luterana (Lutheran church), I think about my run and how nice it was that the sun shone on my face while the cool air caressed my face.

Running in town is one of my greatest joys. Itís a time when I get to take in my beloved city and enjoy it.

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