No matter the weather

No matter the weather in Florence, I enjoy my beloved city. This spring, the weather seems to be a bit unpredictable. In just a few days, weíve experienced mild temperatures under the bright sun as well as dark clouds spurting out torrential rain, and often in the same day. The changes in the weather have an effect on how the city appears and feels. I enjoy my beloved city regardless of what is going on around it, but I appreciate different aspects depending on the weather.

When I first arrived on Saturday it was sunny and cool. I remember thinking as I walked down the airplane stairs that it felt like spring had finally arrived. Especially since when I left Paris it was cold and grey. On Sunday, I enjoyed another sunny day. The blue skies were accompanied by strong winds that cast any clouds away. Yesterday, however, it was chilly with intermittent rain. This morning, the sun peeked through the clouds, but by noon rain was falling so hard that the buildings across the Arno looked blurry. In the late afternoon, the sun reappeared and the clouds parted, but the air didnít warm up much.

What I love about the weather is the effect that it has on my beloved city. When itís sunny, more people are outside, the buildings seem a lighter color, and the Arno glistens. When itís rainy, the colors look dramatic against the dark clouds hovering above the low, green hills.

Itís a little less pleasant to walk around the centro (downtown area) with an umbrella in the rain because of all the people meandering down the same streets. But, I love how the rain on the stone pavement glistens under my feet and freshens up the cityís air.

The city is like a chameleon whose beauty is transformed with each change in the weather. The differences in the weather donít bring me down as they do in France. When itís cold and rainy, it feels like it will never end. However, in Florence, I know that even if itís pouring rain now, the sun could still pop out and change the day completely.

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