Home sweet Florence

Itís been a month since Iíve last come home to Florence. I visited a couple of beautiful places, but nothing ever compares to my beloved city. When my plane touched down, I couldnít wait until I could walk down the airplane steps to finally breathe in my beloved cityís air.

The sun was setting as my plane was approaching Florence. The sky was a deep magenta and orange with the sun glowing like a bright diamond. The colors touched me and only increased my desire to see my beloved city.

When the taxi drive took us (my beau and I) through town, I was surprised at how the streets werenít as busy as I thought theyíd be. When I was here last month, they were so crowded that it was difficult for us to weave through them all to get by.

After dropping off our bags in my apartment, my beau and I raced downstairs to meander the streets of Florence. We strolled down via dei Neri, through Piazza della Signoria, and stopped in Piazza di San Giovanni and stood next to the Battistero (where I took this photo).

I love seeing the Duomo at night because it glows, just like the sun in the sky. It was my first peaceful and cool evening in Florence and I enjoyed every minute of it. Itís wonderful to be welcomed back home in my beloved city.

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