What do they know?

When I told many of my friends and acquaintances that I was going to stay in Florence an extra week to search for my apartment, “they” said that it wasn’t worth it. Their excuses were that agencies are closed and owners are still away on vacation. Before taking off for Florence, I emailed about 10 agencies to visit apartments that I saw on-line. I immediately received two responses, which were not positive. Right before arriving in Florence, one agency told me that I could visit an apartment, which was the one I saw on Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon, after not hearing anything for a few days, another man called me on the phone to visit an apartment that I had enquired about. I went to visit it on this morning with my girlfriend.

It was beautifully redone, a great area, and well lit, but had a view of rooftops only from the bedroom. Since I work from home and would’ve loved to have my office space in the living room, I couldn’t imagine looking out the windows to see the walls of the building across the street. I’ve been spoiled these past six years looking out onto the Arno and across to the Giardino Bardini while sitting at my desk.

The man handed me his card and left once we exited the building. While I was talking to my friend, I told her that there was another one at his agency that I wanted to check out, but I didn’t understand how it was laid out. We went back to the agency and talked to the agente immobiliare (real estate agent). I told him that I loved what he showed me, but that a main requirement for me is a view.

He said that he had one apartment that wasn’t really for sale, a bit smaller than the one we just visited, but had a great view. He showed me the pictures on his computer, and I immediately said that I wanted to see it. He called the owner and two hours later we were visiting it.

We trekked up the stairs five stories and were greeted by the owner himself. The minute I entered his apartment, I was blown away. The view out of all the windows was spectacular and the apartment itself was a good size and well laid out. It felt almost as if the apartment had been made for me. I walked around to check it out, but felt almost as if I already knew the apartment.

My head was spinning afterwards as I walked down the stairs and then down the street to the agency. I felt truly as if the apartment was perfect for me, and don’t want to see anything else. I talked some more with the agente immobiliare and will see what transpires.

After visiting this apartment, I was happy that I didn’t listen to “them.” If I had, I probably wouldn’t have even tried looking for an apartment and would have waited until I was in Florence next month.

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