Shopping for food almost every day

I feel like all I do is go shopping for food. I love fresh food and that is definitely one reason to going all the time. But the other reason, which is probably even more important, is that our fridge is the size of the one that I used to have in my dorm room in college.

I can fit about four meals in it for us both, but that just means I go shopping every other day for fruit, vegetables, meat, and pasta. Dave goes out and gets water and all the paper products for us since those are heavier and bulkier. He definitely lucked out; he only has to go out once a week while I go out at least three to four times a week.

When it's cold like it is now, it's no fun to go out shopping walking down to the market and dragging everything back, but I figure while he's going to Italian school, I can go and get everything by myself.

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