Eating Tiramisų before dinner

I made tiramisų for my friend Debora and her boyfriend Paolo yesterday. I found the recipe on the Internet and made it the last time I went to Debora's house for dinner. I am very lucky when it comes to picking recipes out. I had to make the tiramisų once before I could bring it to Debora's house the first time.

Debora told me that Paolo really loved it and couldn't believe that I could make it that well. I was very flattered by their compliments and was happy to make it again. Debora was planning to come over today, so I told her to bring Paolo and I'll make a tiramisų.

They planned to be here at about 4PM, but instead arrived around 6PM. Paolo ate a piece and told me, "Un'americana che riesce a fare un tiramisų cosė buono. Puoė venderlo in qualche ristorante." (An American that can make such a great tiramisų. You could sell it to a few restaurants.) We all laughed, but I think Paolo was serious. I could just see myself walking into a few Italian restaurants and asking them to taste my tiramisų; I think they'd be the ones laughing.

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