Ponte Vecchio

For once, I actually looked at the shops on Ponte Vecchio. It's odd, but when you live in a place you actually see less and less of the tourist places...and even the tourists.

I normally walk around Florence from one place to another, like the market, a few different supermarkets, the movie theater, a few stores I like to shop at, and many, many bakeries/pastry shops.

It was 11AM this morning and a lot of the shops were just beginning to open up by placing all the jewelry back in the case.

One man made a circle with his finger to make the necklace sit perfectly. Another woman had on white gloves and was delicately placing each piece on the silk cushions.

A few stores are already looking for people to work who speak English or Japanese. It'd be fun if I didn't have work to do it, but the pay is low. What would it be like to work in one of these shops. The thousands of tourists who pass by each day, gazing at all the jewelry, calculating the price in their currency, and dreaming about having a souvenir they'll always remember.

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