A happier Mother's day

For the last 3 years I have avoided this holiday. I looked away when I saw the cards in the grocery store, the signs in all the shop windows, and the advertisements in all the magazines. With my mom not here, I've felt it was just one more reminder each year that she was no longer with me. So this year, I decided to treat today a bit differently.

I made a decision last night to celebrate my mom even without her being here as if she really were here. I woke up a little less sad today thinking of what I could do for her and I decided that we should go out to eat.

My mom loved to eat and enjoyed eating out. With my eczema, I didn't really want to go out and so we made reservations for sushi on Wednesday instead. My mom would understand. She wasn't much for celebrating right on the day.

When I was a kid I used to get my birthday presents either a few weeks early or a few weeks late, hardly ever on the day. She'd understand our not going out tonight. Besides, she'd like the sushi even more!

Since I can't really send my mom a card, I figured I would just wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day in my blog.

"Today is your day! Thank you very much for being my mom. I was so fortunate to be born to you. I love you so very much and I miss you. Love always, Melinda."

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