Our American friends leaving

Instead of going for sushi for dinner tonight as planned, we were invited to eat dinner with our American friends who live here and who are leaving in a few weeks to go back to New York. Dave and I are both sad that they're leaving Florence. We have shared some great moments together, like going to Venice.

On the way to the restaurant, I felt a bit guilty that we changed our plans, but we only have a short time left to go out with our friends. Dave and I will celebrate Mother's day another time.

When I saw the table that they were sitting at, I wasn't sure if there would be someone else joining us since the table was set for five. They have so many out-of-town guests that it wouldn't have surprised me.

I asked Stef if someone else was coming and when she said no, I laughed. It must be my mom, I thought. I had a feeling that we'd be having dinner with her tonight to celebrate Mother's day, but since we changed plans, I didn't know what would happen.

My friends got a little freaked out when I told them that I knew there'd be a fifth seat at our table.

We had a great time with them as usual enjoying great food over a bottle of Chianti. They're having a good-bye party on Sunday that we wish, in a way, wasn't going to take place at all. The countdown has begun and we will miss them greatly. But, New York isn't that far away...is it?

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