Seize the day

This morning we went to the gym and the sky looked a little menacing. Dark grey clouds were sparse, but still not leaving fast enough. We were planning on taking a day trip with our friends to Lucca today, but that ended up getting canceled because of rain.

Right after lunch, it started to rain hard. Not a few sprinkles here and there, but hard enough that we could hear it on all the rooftops around. Then there was thunder and lightening. I thought to myself, isn't this the middle of May? Aren't we supposed to have May flowers since it rained so much in April?

All I could think of were the tourists who seem to be multiplying downtown. I wonder what they're doing today? Yesterday was humid and sunny and today it's rainy. I guess my only advice to tourists is "Seize the day!" If it's nice outside, go outside. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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