Driving back to the Bay Area

We woke up early to get a head start on our trip back to the Bay Area. I finally got my first Jamba Juice since I've been here and enjoyed every last drop of it. We loved the hotel we stayed at in Universal City where we had exceptional views of Universal Studios and of the "Valley."

LA has been pretty interesting. It seems that you hear actor's, producer's, writer's, and director's names being dropped quite a bit. Everyone knows someone here. It's pretty cool. We wanted to go to Jay Leno's Tonight Show, but were too lazy to get up early to be in Burbank at 8AM to get tickets. So, next time we come, we'll have to plan it all a little better.

It only took us about 5 and a half hours to get back to Los Gatos. I was so excited to drive back so I can spend some time with my niece. So much so, that we got our tickets back to Italy extended so that we could fly out on the 14th! By waiting an extra day, our tickets went down $100/each, so we were pretty happy!

We were also excited to come back up to the Bay Area because we had new Macintosh PowerBooks waiting for us (which were sent from Shanghai). It's been years since I got a new computer as I got Dave's hand-me-down last time.

We arrived to cool weather here in the Bay Area while in LA it was over 80°F when we left. Luckily, we brought our jackets in the car.

I finally received an email from one of my friends in Florence. I was beginning to think I was "out of sight, out of mind." I'm excited to go back as well, but I'm still enjoying my time here in the US and loving every minute of it!

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