Hot Halloween in LA

Los Angeles is an interesting city. It's hard to believe that I was born here! Dave and I have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. It's odd that we rarely come to LA to visit and yet we truly enjoy our time here.

We have noticed a lot of interesting things about LA. We both have noticed that everyone looks at you in the eyes. Dave and I noticed it separately and he said that everyone looks at him back in the eyes. I just thought that maybe people were trying to figure out if they knew you or if you knew them.

We also appreciate the waiters and waitresses in LA the most (after being in SF, Las Vegas, and Colorado). They seem to be the most attentive and efficient. I guess it might be because many of them are actors lying in wait, so they just don't know who they're serving. I also found them to be the most attractive, but I guess that's just LA in general. Everyone seems to look their best even in sweats and t-shirts!

Today, it was a scorching 92F! For Halloween, it was unheard of. Once again, we didn't have the right clothes for the weather. Everyone was wearing shorts and open-toed shoes as they were in SF, Denver, and Breckenridge (CO) even though the temperatures were in the 60-70's, 40-70's, and 30-50's respectively.

I drove to West Hollywood with my friend Diahann to go to a bookstore, but there were people all over walking around in Halloween costumes. After spending an hour in traffic, we decided to go back to her place to chat.

Diahann thought that I had learned to be bold in Florence as I drove quite aggressively. I just thought you had to drive the way the locals drive. Although I must admit we almost got in a few accidents ourselves. The only difference between LA drivers and Italian ones is that the Italians aren't as righteous. People sometimes don't let you in for whatever reason. They speed up the second you turn on your blinker and try to get in front of you. One woman did that to me and I just cut her off. Yes, she honked. Yes, it was probably not the greatest idea I had, but I was at least one full car-length in front of her and she sped up from four cars back to not let me in.

Besides, I'm in a rental car so I'm not that attached to the car. We pay enough car insurance that no matter what we'd just walk away.

I'm certainly getting my fill of driving and I can't wait to go walk the streets of Florence again!

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