Late start on Mondays

Mondays are interesting in Florence: many shops don't open until after lunch, a few restaurants don't even open, and quite a few museums are closed. Monday is one of those slow-to-start-the-week days. The mercato (market) and the supermercati (supermarkets) are open, but they're not that busy.

I usually go to the mercato (market) on Mondays, but skipped going today. I was feeling quite lethargic and just wanted to stay in. With the sun shining brightly and the wind howling, I wasn't in the mood to go outside today either.

Most weekends, unless I make plans with friends, Dave and I just spend at home. The streets sometimes get too crowded for me and it's still not that warm to enjoy walking around outside. Besides, I like going out before lunch rather than after. I feel more motivated to go places. In the afternoon, my energy level drops and all I think about is work.

Tomorrow, I hope to start my week. After looking at the weather forecast, I realized that I had better get some shopping done so that I won't have to go out Thursday and Friday because they have predicted snow again.

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