Non c' posta per me

During the week between Christmas and New Year's, the post office was open; however, we didn't get any mail at all. I'm sure business was slow during the holidays and some people took the entire week off, but we only got mail once during that entire week. I love receiving letters in the mail even though I keep in contact with almost everyone via email.

I haven't heard the bell ring in quite a few weeks now even though I generally ignore it when I'm home. I probably should just buzz him in, but it's not that convenient either: I have to go to the front door of our apartment, ask who it is, and then buzz him in. Most of the times, I hear the buzzer go off in the other apartments in our building, so I don't bother. Some of the other people are always home and buzz the postino (postal delivery person) in. If the postino rings a second time, I definitely buzz him in.

At first, I thought that maybe the postino rang when I had mail, so I used to go down the stairs a few minutes later, but there'd be nothing for me. Now, I definitely know better and just check the mail when I come home. Some days, if we don't go downstairs, we don't even check the mail.

Our neighbor across the hall picked up our mail a few times and put it next to our door this past month. It was very unexpected of her since all last year, she'd leave it all down there even if it was on the floor. Especially odd since there are only a small number of boxes downstairs and we share one with her.

I don't get that much mail apart from a few magazines, bills, and forwarded mail from the US; however, I still love receiving mail. There's something special about opening the mailbox and seeing something with my name on it. As long as it's not a bill, I'm happy.

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