Three days of flying

For the past three days, we've been flying in and out of different cities and countries. We've gone from Pisa to London, from London to San Francisco, and today from San Jose to Las Vegas. We arrived in Las Vegas where the temperatures felt much more like what we have in Florence right now, although much dryer.

Las Vegas reminded me of Florence because we have to walk everywhere. The halls and shopping areas are quite crowded as well, but I didn't bump into anyone, which is quite unlike Florence. In Florence, I probably bump into at least one person each time I walk around downtown.

In the US, people will turn around and excuse themselves, but in Florence, people just keep walking: it's par for the course.

Las Vegas is one of those unique places where people from all over the US and all over the world can be found here. Nobody is judged on their appearances because the richest person might not dress it and the poorest person might.

Las Vegas is a fascinating place where Dave and I both love to shop, eat, and walk around. It's hot outside, so we're staying indoors, which is easy to do in Vegas.

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