Shopping in the mall

Today is the first day that we didn't have to go to the airport and take a plane. Today, in Las Vegas, we took a taxi to the Fashion Show mall, which is on the other end of town from our hotel. We haven't been in a mall since we were in the US last year; I forgot how big and airy the malls are.

Just outside of Florence, there is a mall called I Gigli, which is quite small in comparison to our malls in the US.

People in every shop greeted us the second we stepped inside the shop. In Florence, sometimes they don't acknowledge you immediately. Most of the time in Florence, I am the first one to say hello and sometimes they don't respond at all to me.

Sometimes I wish we had a big American-style mall like the Fashion Show mall in Italy although the Florence downtown area is a lot like an outdoor mall with so many different shops. The only thing that's missing is a large store like Nordstrom. We have La Rinascente and Coin, but they are not as big as Nordstrom.

I love to shop in Florence because of the uniqueness and variety, but shopping in a mall in the US is so convenient and pleasant.

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