Secret terrace bar

Today I invited four of my new friends to get together for a drink at a terrace bar that Karen, another one of my new girlfriends, introduced me to. I promised that I wouldn't divulge its location on my blog, and so I am adhering to her wishes.

We all met at the Ponte Vecchio at 6PM after much text messaging. Two girls from Canada are planning to make the move to Florence, another woman is testing the waters, and my friend Karen is here for her annual one-month visit to Florence.

I thought it'd be fun to all get together as I wanted to spend time with all of them, but some are here for a shorter time than the others.

I took the girls up to the secret terrace bar where large white couches with huge pillows outlined the large, open terrace. There were only four other people there when we arrived, so it was rather quiet. We sat down in the corner that Karen likes the most where we are protected even more from the sun and wind. From the terrace, you can see a lot of the monuments. I love being able to view my favorite city from a different angle; everything looked a little different.

We ordered drinks after the waitress dropped off some chips and peanuts on our square table. We all relaxed and settled into the couch. It was so wonderful to be in the center of town with people walking by in the streets below, but we were unable to see them or hear them either.

It was fun to hang out with all of the girls together. We laughed a lot, talked about everything under the sun, but mostly about Florence, and enjoyed our drinks at our our new secret terrace bar.

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