Rushing water of the Arno

After days and days of continual rain with a few intermittent breaks, the water in the Arno river has risen. At night when there aren't many cars out, I can hear the light brownish green water as it crashes on the cement reef under the Ponte alle Grazie. The rain falling down light and then heavy from the light grey sky above only accentuates the luscious green hillside and bright yellow, beige, and white buildings across the river from me.

I take quick peeks at the river as I work at my desk during the day and it seems peaceful. It's not the type of water that I want to jump into, but one that I want to look at and contemplate.

For a few nights, I have been listening to the Arno river rushing by as I lie in bed. It is a soothing, but exciting, sound that I enjoy. It ushers me into my dreams and whispers to me in the morning to wake me up.

I hear a few cars and motorini (scooters) drive by as well, but the sound of the river is constant. It's like a beating heart that is always present even I can't make it it out completely.

The Arno river may not be the most beautiful river to look at for its water is never limpida (limpid), but it is the life that is pumped through the city, the life that continually flows even if we don't take the time to notice it.

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