Now I'm in business

My commercialista (public accountant) just emailed me to tell me that I have a Partita IVA (VAT account). Her email said, "Benvenuta tra i professionisti italiani! (Welcome among the Italian professionals!)" She also sent me a schema della fattura (invoice example) so that I would all the information that my fattura is supposed to contain.

I noticed that my certificato (certificate) was stamped on the 8th of January, which was two days before I got my permesso di soggiorno (permit to stay). I had emailed my commercialista a photocopy as soon as I got home from the Questura (Police station) last Thursday, but I guess it wasn't necessary to get my Partita IVA.

She might just have been able to prove that I was going to get a permesso di soggiorno shortly, so they just accepted it. Although I had heard stories of people without a permesso di soggiorno who were able to get a Partita IVA.

I haven't yet received her preventivo (quote) for how much I'll be paying her each year. But, with this new regime (regime) that my Partita IVA is a part of, the forms that I am supposed to fill out each year to file for taxes shouldn't be that complicated. She said the fee would be negotiable, so for now I'm just happy to be find some new Italian clients.

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