A week of indecision

We havenít yet decided if we are moving or staying. There are a few reasons why weíd like to move: apartment isnít big enough to have overnight guests and the noise level has become a big high. But, there are so many reasons why we love it here: the view, the neighborhood feel, the people we know here, the terrace, and the overall coziness of the place. I have a desire to change apartments, so I visited a couple after scanning the Internet for hours. A couple of them did inspire me.

The first apartment we visited was in via Romana. Itís a completely different area from the one Iím used to and Iíve never lived on the other side of the Arno, but I was open to it. The apartment was beautifully redone and completely modern inside. It had three terraces of which two of them overlooked a part of Boboli. The only problem was that all the windows opened out to buildings that were only a few feet away.

The second apartment was on via Verdi, which didnít thrill me. The apartment was also recently renovated, lots of light, great views, and a delightful terrace. The best part about the apartment was the woman who owned it: she was a delight to talk to. The only problem was that the space where I could work was too small for me. I was sad when I called the woman to tell her that we wouldnít be taking her apartment.

My marito (husband) and I have talked about our situation at length the entire week, but we havenít come to a final decision. It is difficult to find the perfect place especially since where we are is close to it. While we wait for the perfect place to make itself known to us, we have decided to make some changes: create space by getting rid of what we donít use, paint the apartment, and buy some things for the terrace.

To combat against the noise at night, Iíve started to use tappi (ear plugs). We are hoping that the changes we make now will allow us to stay at least one or two years. But, who knows what will happen next. Maybe when we stop looking, weíll find some place new that will steal our hearts like the apartment we're in now.

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