Feeling inspired

Iím fortunate to feel inspired quite easily these days. I usually feel inspired after I write in the mornings, but I seem to be even more inspired during my morning runs. At 7am, I was out the door and decided to run up the lungarno toward Ponte Vecchio instead of away from the centro (downtown area). It was early enough that traffic hadnít yet started and the sidewalks were practically empty.

I crossed the Ponte alle Grazie and felt the morning breeze, still cool against my face. The first thing I did when I turned onto Lungarno Torrigiani was look up at the Duomo. Its cupola peeked above the buildings on my side of the Arno. I was a little worried to run down Borgo San Jacopo, which has become busy with all the changes to the streets in town. With the negozi (shops) closed on Monday mornings, it was empty.

I especially love the moment I turn right onto Piazza Frescobaldi. When I see the Ponte Santa Trinita, I know that I get to run along the Arno again.

I always look around when I run and am so pleased when I see something I didnít notice before. The colors of the buildings when the morning sunlight hits them is stunning. The warm light only lasts a short time, but it is almost as delightful as the golden light during the summer sunsets.

I ran up to the Ponte alla Carraia and turned back down toward our apartment. I was so touched by the reflections on the water after I passed the Uffizi that I ran home to get my iPhone. I wanted to take a couple of pictures of the reflection of buildings on the water and a string of flags hanging across the Arno.

I normally donít have much time in the morning to take pictures unless Iím going somewhere, but today I made the time and was greatly awarded. I could've picked up my camera, but I felt this desire to share them immediately.

Not only did I feel a surge of joy for capturing the beauty of my beloved city, but I also came up with a couple of ideas that I want to write. Who knows what will become of them, but I follow all the inspiration I get. Inspiration is a spark that can turn into a fire if I just pay attention to it.

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