Planning not to plan

For the first time in a long time, I wanted to pick up the telephone and call my mom. Even though she has passed away over six years ago, I still get these inklings to call her. And as usual, it took me a few moments before I realize that I couldn't.

I rarely discuss my future plans because I am a firm believer that life unfolds much more beautifully than what I plan no matter how good those plans might sound.

My personal life has changed drastically in one year without any planning on my part. If someone would've told me that I would get a divorce and remarry all in the same year, I would've told them they were nuts. I didn't know that anything of the sort would have happened to me, and yet I have never been happier.

And so, I adopt the same philosophy to my professional life as well. Although working as a web developer is satisfying to me on many levels and provides me with the opportunity to make a good living, it is not what brings me the greatest joy in my life. I love programming a great deal, but there is a piece of me that desires something different and more fulfilling.

I have been slowly building up momentum to move toward something else that fills me with joy. I started many years ago, but just haven't felt the courage and passion enough to make it a larger part of my life. I don't think I will stop doing web development at this point, but I believe that my new projects will become more important to me and my life here in Florence.

In these last few months I have met many people, mostly through my blog, who are helping me in a multitude of ways to work toward the completion of each of these projects.

I'm not ready to present my projects in detail at this point because they are sacred to me. I feel that if I talk too much about them, I might lose momentum. Right now, I must keep focus and continue to work on each of my projects. Each day that I am able to work on my projects, I am filled with even more joy.

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